Radical Church: New Book


The Church in the West is in a cultural battle, and the church is losing. Once in the position of pre-eminence, the church now finds itself on the margins. Christendom has crumbled. This new situation creates fresh challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, as the old cultural Christianity dies out, there is an opportunity for true discipleship to take its place. However, as the values, laws, and social attitudes of the land become increasingly anti-Christian, Christians are faced with a conflict – compromise the faith and lose God’s blessing, or resist the cultural pressure and risk social hostility. Radical Church looks at the challenge of what it means to be a faithful Christian in an increasingly godless culture. Ultimately it calls the church to faithfulness. As the church is faithful in the very areas that society is forcing compromise, the church will rediscover the source of its own vibrancy, power and relevance. As the church stands fast as a faithful church, it will emerge as a radical church – and history proves that radical churches have the potential and power to transform individuals, cultures and nations.

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What others are saying:

In this fresh, fast-flowing and very readable narrative, the author reveals how the Western Church has to a considerable degree lost both its relevance and vitality in an increasingly anti-Christian culture. The answer, he passionately believes, is not compromising to culture, but faithfulness to Christ, and he calls the Church back to its biblical roots, with its emphasis on the Cross. A pertinent call to radical, Christ-centred living.

Tom Lennie, revival historian, author of ‘Glory in the Glen’ and ‘Land of Many Revivals’.

Each generation requires a fresh evaluation and application of the foundational principles of the gospel. That is what John Caldwell has provided in this book: a recovery of the roots of our Christian faith in God and his Word. Written from the perspective of someone who was radically transformed by grace, John wants us to confront the prevailing culture of our day with nothing less than the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a message we need to hear.

Rev Dr Iain D. Campbell Minister, Point Free Church, Isle of Lewis; author, and editor of The Monthly Record.

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