‘Donald Trump is America’s Knox’ Claims Trump Supporter

Q: What happens when you combine support for Donald Trump, with Charismatic Theology and a bit of Scottish Revivalist Romanticism?

A: A very, very scary worldview — and an equally skewed theology.

The following is taken from a discussion Doctor Michael Brown’s FB ministry page. (Not his comments).

The anointing that is upon Donald J. Trump is that of John Knox that runs through his blood since he is forefather via his mother’s side. I don’t believe Trump is aware of this anointing but with each generation anointing get stronger. Mr. Knox was a man that exposed the corruption found in leaders of nations. He was not welcomed. He knew that with God by his side, he was the majority. He stood out. Declared God’s word and he wasn’t liked. Trump does carry his mother’s/grandmother’s Bible which was used during several revivals. He doesn’t understand all these things because he’s a babe in the Lord and God is just starting to work on his behavior (like He did with you and I) but the facts are this anointing is upon him.

We must pray for his protection as well as his loved ones as there are several threats placed on his life already. Yes. He is being used as a wrecking ball to expose corruption but he’s being used to unite the people like never seen before (different denominations, race, genders, etc). The establishment is terrified because he can’t be bought or controlled by them like every other president has been, speaks the truth with boldness because he’s not a man pleaser, stands for what is right for the people of America, he did not come out of the establishment’s club, he’s an outsider and as Huckabee, Newt Gingrich and many more conservative and spirit filled believers know, he is not one of them and their controlling, manipulative corruption inside the government.

Pray for this man who has God’s grace upon him for this season. I am not settling for or compromising in anything as your video clip states but am praying for the man Holy Spirit asked me to pray for. He is not causing the division, anger and strife. The establishment is but then again Christ stirred up very similar reactions from people and villages and so do we when we dare to speak the truth whether men like it or not. Please pray for him. May God protect him and his family and may Holy Spirit begin to flow strongly through him for he will be the most “pliable” in God’s hand and these are not my words but words Holy Spirit spoke to me as well. Oh, one more thing, thank God He can reach any sinner right where they are at and use them mightily like Paul, David and Cyrus. Well, Cyrus didn’t even know the Lord but God still called him, anointed him and placed His grace upon him to really help, restore and strengthen a nation, protect and help the Christians in the nation and stand along with Israel as their friend. Oh, did I mention that Cyrus was the one that didn’t even know God. Yes. God took him by his right hand and lead him to bless a nation. I praise God Trump has asked many pastors of different colour and christian denominations to pray for him and hold him accountable.

Blessings to you all. …and by the way, the most anger filled comments and responses are coming more from those against Trump than from those who believe God has anointed him for this time and season. Blessings to you all. Keep your eyes upon JESUS and ask Holy Spirit who He wants you to vote for because that’s all that matters. It won’t matter if you like the response you will get from Him or whether you understand it because his ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts. Just for the record, I could not stand the sight of Trump until Holy Spirit shook me and gently rebuked me. Let’s be very careful. Especially we who profess to be followers of Christ. Blessings to you all.

That ruined my appetite at lunch time.

I don’t have time to respond to this in detail at the moment. Instead, I’ll post my wife’s response. (She doesn’t get wound up as much as me, but when she does . . .)

I’m sorry but to use John Knox as a comparative with Donald Trump is just simply wrong and really an insult to John Knox. Carrying your mothers bible does not make you a Christian. Donald Trump may have Scottish heritage but this does not carry a special anointing in relation to the things of God if you are unrepentant and unbelieving. The man has not repented of his sins yet dares to say he bears the name of Christ. There is no doubt God can use him, after all He used a donkey to speak. Do not confuse attitude, bluntness of speech and bold character as anointing. He can’t be bought because he has enough resources to keep him independent and free from manipulation but that also does not mean he is moral or a speaker of truth. He just has enough money of his own. Christ did not come in this manner so do not compare Donald Trump to a messiah who is going to set things straight and make America alright. Yes pray for Him, pray for your country but do not look at him as one who holds the key nor use comparatives that are far beyond the moral and spiritual spectrum in which this man stands.



3 thoughts on “‘Donald Trump is America’s Knox’ Claims Trump Supporter

  1. *shudder*

    Church and politics in America is just downright scary. And this is scarier than most.

    The church in America needs to both engage and disengage itself from politics. It needs to disengage itself from the idea that there is one true “Christian” party / candidate, and it needs to re-engage with actual on-the-ground politics. It needs to disengage itself from being the blind pawn of a political party to gain votes, and re-engage as the voice of the least, the last and the lost.


  2. There is no such things as separation of church and state…
    As the Old Testament states about Jesus at the time of His birth…’and the government shall be upon His shoulders’…..As believers, we must seek the Higher authority or His Law but also live within the laws of our state and country as long as they DO NOT usurp God’s laws or His Authority.


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