Have you forgotten your primary calling?

We hear a lot in the church today about the need for emerging leaders. We hear the call to be a world-changer and planet-shaker. Denominations are looking for up and coming, talented people to invest their skills in building the church – or denomination. The list of required roles is both impressive and daunting – leaders, visionaries, pioneers, catalysts, church planters. The skills required are just as impressive and daunting – communication skills, networking abilities, ability to develop business proposals based on market research etc. etc.

Life is pressure. Work is pressure. Family is pressure – and calling can be pressure.

However, there is a greater calling than all those previously mentioned – and it is in danger of being neglected. Greater than our need to be super-mom and super-dad; the next church-planting brand, or pastor of a thriving church, is our calling to be a child – a child of God.

Jesus said,“Unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matt 18:3)

Today I’m reminded that whilst the world demands that we are strong, and our responsibilities require us to be on top of our game – God doesn’t.

God knows our limitations. And in reminding ourselves of our limitations, we can look to him for his limitless resources. He is the all-sufficient Father. And he loves us, not for what we should be, but for who he has made us. The father’s love does not diminish because we come to end of our natural resources. In fact, sometimes it’s only in getting to the end of ourselves that we actually begin to look to him.

Let’s remember that in the midst of our many callings and responsibilities that our primary calling is to be loved by Him, and to love him in return.



What a Child is Meant to Be — Vineyard Music Video

 In my weakness I find That Your stringth knows no bounds And in my loneliness I find That the everlasting arms surround me And even with this fragile heart I find a place to rest here, safe where You are… And I am falling into grace again And I am running where mercy never ends Lord I’m learning that your love can cover me You are teaching me what a child is meant to be




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