A Tale of Two “Ordinations”: What is God doing in Duirinish? (Isle of Skye)


Induction of David Miller at Lonemore Free Church of Scotland 

There were two ordinations on Skye this week…okay, there was an induction and an ordination – but the effect is the same. Two men, from two different denominations, each were called to the office of pastor in two different local churches in the same area – Dunvegan Isle of Skye.

I had the privilege of attending both services. Both services were well supported, God-honoring and filled with a sense of anticipation. One service was the Induction of David Miller to Duirnish Free Church of Scotland, the other service was the ordination of Andy Parker to Skye Bible Church Dunvegan.

Why blog about this? Well, I’m really interested in local mission – and in terms of local mission there were a number of things that struck me about these ordinations/inductions/ordination and induction – men being set apart for the work of ministry.

Skye Bible Church leaders and members attended the Free Church Induction, and Free Church leaders and members attended the Bible Church Induction. This is pretty significant – especially in North Skye. To put it bluntly – church unity in North Skye is almost non-existent. In the past, church unity has been stronger – but in recent years it has been quite weak. It was great to see folks getting together.


Ordination of Andy Parker at Skye bible Church (Dunvegan)

Both services were gospel-centred. Both services, whilst having slightly different styles were ultimately focused on the glory of Christ and the mission of God. There were in both services a good measure of hope, humility and God-centred expectation. There was a shared desire to see the Kingdom of God “come” in greater fullness in Skye and beyond. It’s great to be reminded that the Kingdom of God is bigger than our local churches and denominations.

I personally found it exciting to hear the Bible Church folks speak highly of the Free Church Induction service. There was clearly a breaking down of stereotypes. It was evident that the power of the Holy Spirit was sensed in the Free Church Induction. Like-wise, it was great to overhear a Free Church elder say, during the Bible Church Ordination, “We have stuff to learn from these guys.”

I think there are exciting days ahead for North Skye in terms of Church unity. South Skye churches have always worked well together – North Skye churches have not always worked so closely together. However, in recent days there are fresh partnerships emerging. Let’s continue to pray for the strengthening of local churches, the cross-denominational unity amongst local churches and the advance of the gospel in North Skye and beyond.


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