Reading the bible Experientially

The following extract is taking from the opening article in the Reformation Heritage King James Version Study Bible which is edited by Joel Beeke.

The following points really encapsulate why I love the Reformed Tradition. I’m drawn to the Reformed tradition because of its high view of scripture and its deep spirituality. The two should not be mutually exclusive.  The following guidelines for reading the Bible experientially demonstrates this effectively. I don’t know about you, but certainly found myself challenged in terms of how I read the Bible. Let us remember that reading the Bible is an act of worship, and in approaching scripture we are also approaching the God who breathed out the words on the page.

To read the Bible experientially simply means to read it with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. That is how the Bible is intended to be read.

How can I read the bible experientially? Prayerfully consider the following points.

  1. Respect the Bible as the single and complete authority over your life.

  2. Do not doubt that the bible is accurate at every point.

  3. Submit your heart and life fully to the scrutiny of the Bible.

  4. Prayerfully meditate on the truth of scripture, carrying it with you wherever you go and whatever you do.

  5. Never forget that it is God who is speaking to you through His word.

  6. Gather with God’s people for worship to hear God’s word faithfully preached.

  7. Depend absolutely on grace so that your heart may profit from the Word of God.

  8. Look to the Triune God to transcribe truth on your heart.

  9. Do not be content to simply “hear” the word: be, by grace, a doer of the word.

  10. Be ready to sing the word of God.[1]

Excerpt from the Reformation Heritage King James Study Bible.

[1] Singing helps solidify truth in our minds and hearts (Deut 31:19). For example, when we sing the psalms, the God-given book of praise, we help give voice to our desires in a way that, with God’s blessing, endears the Word to us even further.


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