Joe Thorn on Church Confessions

So, just after I create this blog, and share it on social media, my wife sent me a link to an article which recently appeared on Desiring God. The article, Tattoos for the Soul, by Joe Thorn, sums up perfectly why a confessional approach to church is essential. If you are wondering why creeds are and confessions are considered to be so important, then Joe’s article is a great place to start.

Here are some quotes just to whet the appetite . . .

“Before there can be a community of faith, there must be a faith to confess.”

“A confessional church does not view itself as an island to itself, but a part of the great continent of the church.”

“A confessional church is a church that believes the truth is worth knowing and making known. It is a church that unites with the churches that have gone before it. It is a church that desires clarity, unity, charity and safety for the people of God.”


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